Time and Distance
Land Travel by Foot or Mount

A creature or character’s Base Speed is half its Pace in
miles per hour, with a minimum of ½ mile per hour. A human
with a Pace of 6, for example, walks about 3 miles per hour.
Groups move at the speed of their slowest member. Fatigue
and Encumbrance penalties don’t normally modify Pace, but
the Game Master may choose to apply them when calculating
overland movement rates if it’s dramatically appropriate.

Flying Speeds: Travelers with the luxury of flying mounts
or some other means of leaving the ground behind may ignore
the modifiers below and may be able to take shorter routes
than the land-bound. Game Masters may adjust airspeeds for
headwinds, thin air, smoke, or other aeronautical phenomena.

Overland Speed Modifiers
Ground Speed Terrain Type
Easy 0 mph Plains, Road
Average -1 mph Rocky desert, low hills
Hard -2 mph Steep hills, sand
Difficult -3 mph Mountains, marsh

Encounter Table
• Clubs—Obstacle: The heroes encounter an obstacle of
some kind and must figure out how to circumvent it. Some
examples are a flooded river, a decaying
rope bridge, whirlpool, etc. The obstacle might also be
defended by creatures or enemies as well.
• Hearts—NPCs: The group comes upon neutral or
friendly nonplayer characters such as merchants, lost
travelers, a guide, or even other adventurers.
• Diamonds—Fortune: Somewhere along the way is
something of value—a small treasure cache, a vein of useful or
valuable minerals, or a minor magic item in the clutches
of some unfortunate corpse.
• Spades—Enemies: Monsters, enemies, or hostile
beasts bar the way. Perhaps they lie in ambush if it’s
known the heroes are coming this way.


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