Divine Aid

Divine Aid can be found on page 125 of the Hellfrost Player’s Guide.

If you find yourself in a tough spot without any bennies it may be your only chance to survive. You must have a patron deity, be completely out of bennies, then make a Spirit Roll at -4 and refer to the chart below.
On a success the character gets a bennie. With a raise he/she gets two bennies.
But be careful because you could offend the god on a bad roll.

Modifier Reason
+2 Character has Disciple Edge
–1 Clergy suffering minor sin
–2 Clergy suffering major sin
N/A Clergy suffering mortal sin
+4 Sacrifice of 1,000 gs worth of goods or animals
+2 Sacrifice of 500 gs worth of goods or animals
+1 Sacrifice of 250 gs worth of goods or animals
Multiple Requests*
–1 Per additional request this year
–2 Per additional request this month
–4 Per additional request this adventure
–6 Per additional request this session

  • Use the highest penalty only.

Divine Aid

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