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Rassilon is the land mass in the base Hellfrost campaign setting. A land overtaken by winter.
Al-Shirkuh is the land mass of the Land of Fire campaign setting.

The adventure is set in the desolate and sparsely populated area between Suleiman’s Road and the Pillars of Suleiman.

House Rules

Allies: Each character can have one ally. This ally is a dedicated friend that will stand by the character through thick and thin.

Magic: We will use the alternative system that the creator of Hellfrost, Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams, wrote up and is offering on the TAG site (Triple Ace Games) as a free downloadable pdf .The plan is to limit the number of spells usable per day. We will not be using the phases of the moon. Nor will we be using the Siphoning Effect.

Born a hero: During character creation, heroes may ignore the Rank qualifications for Edges. They must still have any other requirements as usual. The usual rules for Rank requirements apply after the character is created. This does not apply to allies.

Natural Healing: As per the Hellfrost rules, a roll can be made every four days instead of the five days as stipulated in the Savage Worlds Deluxe book.

Religion: Characters need to elect to be of the Faithful or of the Devoted unless they are from Rassilon. It is something that will come into play.

Rassilon Races: There will be limitations on the use of the Rassilon races. Frost Born, Frost Dwarves and Taiga Elves would not do very well in Al-Shirkuh. The Anari and Saxa human races would be agreeable, as they are listed in the Free Emirate States. Any others I would have to determine on a case-by-case method, which would be almost completely dependent on the background concept. Rassilon characters would not be eligible to take certain Edges that are decidedly made for the desert, such as Desert Born and Sand Walker.

Note on Herolabs: There is a package for adding “Hellfrost” to Herolabs but there is not one for “Hellfrost: Land of Fire”. So we have to resort to good old fashioned pen and paper. I tried the demo for Wild Card Creator and it looks pretty good. But it does not support Land of Fire. I sent an email and they do not know when it will be available. It has been added to their to-do list.

I am endeavoring to list in this wiki those things which will aide in character creation and items that will help further along in the campaign. If you have suggestions for things to include, please let me know. But this wiki will not replace the player’s guide. Hopefully it will assist in making choices from the two player’s guides.

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