Welcome, oh noble stranger, to a land of flying carpets, bound jinn, glittering palaces, scheming wizirs, regal sphinxes, and trapladen tombs bloated with fabulous treasure! Freed from enslavement under the jinn five centuries ago by Suleiman the Great, the races of Al-Shirkuh, the Land of Fire, have prospered. Here, amid the endless sands and crumbling ruins of long-forgotten empires, stand glittering cities and verdant oases. But Al-Shirkuh is changing. The temperature grows colder, the rains fall less often, and the desert is encroaching on the fertile lands. The jinn, once defeated, are gathering their strength; fire giants are raiding with impunity; the naga have returned to reclaim their homeland; and the withered undead of Hekata stir in their majestic pyramids. Soothsayers bemoan the multitudinous dark omens, and silently pray for intrepid heroes to right the many wrongs that have befallen the land.

Land of Fire is a setting within the world of Hellfrost. It is the continent of Al-Shirkuh, somewhere south of Rassilon. This desert region is akin to the tales of the Arabian Nights, though in a new fictional world.

Preparations to run Land Of Fire (Hellfrost)

Unfortunately there are several books involved since this setting is based on Hellfrost. At a minimum it requires Hellfrost, the main book, Savage Worlds book, the Hellfrost: Land of Fire main book, and the Hellfrost Bestiary. Some of the books are on pdf, though the Land of Fire book is the physical book. I still enjoy the feel of a real book in my hands, even in this digital age.

Check out the Wiki page for more details.

Hellfrost: Land of Fire!

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